my names #

Almost all my names are international ones, I like names I've never heard of and that aren't made up or trendy, so you'll probablyfeel you've been around the world when you look at my list ^^… - Created by amberglow

  • Anneke

    dutch: pronounced ON-eh-KUH

  • Aleida

    y dutch: pronounced UH-lie-duh, this is one of my favorites, Aleida is so elegant and refined, this name is fit for royalty. :)

  • Danuta

    polish: DAH-new-tah

  • Eeva

    finnish: AY-vuh, I love that this name two e' and is pronounced like ava than eva ^^

  • Eila

    finnish: AY- luh

  • Kaija

    finnish: kigh- yuh

  • Kaisa

    finnish: kigh-sah, it means pure

  • Kasia

    polish: pronounced KAH-shah, this name is actually a nickname for katarzyna.

  • Katarzyna

    polish: pronounced kah-tah'-SHEE'-nuh. I love the name for its length ( the names I find myself faving are usu. short ones), spelling, and how it sounds. It's also a variant of katherine.

  • Kjersti

    Norwegian: The way this name was said surprised me, its ( shh,- EHSHH-tee) crazy isn't

  • Katla

    icelandic: COT-luh , its the name of a volcano in Iceland:)

  • Marit

    dutch: mar-it, sounds the way its spelled

  • Michalina

    polish: MEE-hah-leena, because of the way its pronounced its very delicate and has that gentle breeze presence and is better paired with a stronger name IMO

  • Noor

    dutch: pronounced nor, like neither... nor :) I love this one

  • Sanne

    dutch: pronounced SAH-nuh

  • Saskia

    dutch, this is also a name I like alot. Its not my favorite I love its spelling and pronounciation. I picture a slightly girly and strong willed girl as saskia.

  • Svana

    icelandic: ( SUH-vana) I think it means swan , either way its gorgeous

  • Thora

    norwegian: The user Dearest helped me with this name's pronounciation, its ( TORE-uh) the pronunciation makes it unique.

  • Tora

    norwegian, alt. version of Thora

  • Zosia

    polish: pronounced ZOE-shuh, this is actually a nick name, for what name ...idk. But I love zosia, its so bubbly and feminine, and the "z" gives it a bit of an edge and balance it out, keeps it from being too girly. And zosia is the name of one of my characters :3

  • Zyta

    polish: ZEE-tah... this name is a bold and strong .. and full of life.

  • aliisa

    finnish: ah-leez-uh

  • aniela

    polish: pronounced ON-yell-uh, another fave its simply gorgeous

  • brynja

    icelandic: BRIN-yuh

  • eija

    finnish: AY-yuh, very pretty and cute

  • liesl/liesel

    german: LEE-zuhl, even though it sounds like diesel

  • patrycja

    polish: pah-TREATS-yuh, I think its the polish variant of patricia, the "y" and "j" in this name help patricia look new and interesting.