Feminization of Michal, Polish
"who is like God?"

Michalina Origin and Meaning

The name Michalina is a girl's name of Polish origin meaning "who is like God?".

A classic name in Poland, where it has been in the Top 50 since 2007. Michalina is the feminine form of Michal, the Polish, Czech, and Slavic variation of Michael.

Michalina Popularity

Famous People Named Michalina

  • Michaelina Hordashevskaa Ukrainian Greek,Catholic Religious Sister
  • Michalina Anna WIsłockaPolish doctor

Michalina in Pop Culture

  • Michalina (Misia)one of the characters in the novel written by the Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk "Prawiek I Inne Czasy" (Primeval And Other Times)
  • Michalina Ostrzeńskaa character in the novel written by the Polish writer Maria Dąbrowska "Noce I Dnie" (Nights And Days)