50 Unusual Australian Town Names

Looking beyond Sydney, Adelaide and Victoria for unusual Australian place names?
  1. Albury
    • Almaden
      • Aramac
        • Armidale
          • Avoca
            • Ballina
              • Bingara
                • Bombala
                  • Brindabella
                    • Callanna
                      • Caloundra
                        • Collerina
                          • Condobolin
                            • Diamantina
                              • Echuca
                                • Grafton
                                  • Origin:

                                  • Meaning:

                                    "town in a grove"
                                  • Description:

                                    Grafton is the name of dozens of towns, mostly in England, Canada and Australia, and has occasionally been used as a boys' name, with the surprisingly fun and quirky nickname Graf.
                                • Griffith
                                  • Origin:

                                  • Meaning:

                                    "strong lord"
                                  • Description:

                                    A classic Welsh name, softer than Griffin and friendlier to spell than Gruffudd - that hasn't had as much love as it deserves elsewhere. Namesakes range from medieval kings to the philanthropist Griffith J. Griffith, who left land to the city of Los Angeles. It's great in full, but Griff is cool too.
                                • Gilgandra
                                  • Heathcote
                                    • Jandowae