Traditional, yet out of the ordinary (boys)

- Created by ktchris

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  • Alec

    (Greek) Meaning: defending warrior

  • Beau

    (French) Meaning: handsome

  • Bruce

    (Scottish and English from French) Meaning: from the brushwood thicket

  • Calvin

    (Latin) Meaning: bald, hairless

  • Clifton

    (English) Meaning: Place on a cliff Nickname: Cliff

  • Edmund

    (English) Meaning: fortunate protector

  • Eldon

    (English) Meaning: sacred hill

  • Ernst

    (German) Meaning: serious, resolute

  • Ezra

    (Hebrew) Meaning: help

  • Gordon

    (Scottish) Meaning: great hill Nicknames: Gordy, Gord

  • Harold

    (Scandinavian) Meaning: army ruler Nickname: Harry, Hal

  • Harvey

    (French) Meaning: battle worthy

  • Hiram

    (Hebrew) Meaning: brother of the exalted one

  • Howard

    (German) Meaning: brave heart Nickname: Howie

  • Hugh

    (German) Meaning: mind, intellect; welsh forms Hew and Huw

  • Ike

    dimunitive of Isaac (Hebrew) Meaning: laughter

  • Mack

    (Scottish) Meaning: Son of

  • Major

    (Latin) Meaning: greater

  • Milo

    (German) Meaning: mild, peaceful, calm

  • Nolan

    (Irish) Meaning: champion

  • Otis

    (German) Meaning: Wealthy

  • Otto

    (German) Meaning: wealthy

  • Rodney

    (English) Meaning: island near the clearing

  • Royal

    (French) Meaning: Kingly, Royal

  • Stuart

    (Scottish) Meaning: steward Nicknames: Stu

  • Van

    (Dutch) Meaning: of