Scottish Place Names

A list of Scottish places; villages, towns, lochs, rivers; that might work well as names. A few that are slightly more adventurous than others but which might be feasible as a middle name. - Created by thedoubtfulguest

  • Ailsa

    As in 'Ailsa Craig'

  • Almond

    A pretty name for a rather unpicturesque river near Edinburgh.

  • Alva

  • Arran

    Very common in the UK.

  • Alyth

    In Perthshire.

  • Annan

  • Beeswing

    I have always thought this would be a gorgeous girls' name.

  • Cara

    An island

  • Carron

    One of the Forth tributaries.

  • Cupar

  • Dysart

    I actually met an older gentleman with this name when I lived in Fife.

  • Eden

    A river in Fife.

  • Ellon

    A village in Aberdeenshire

  • Eriska

    One of the Inner Hebrides.

  • Fara

    One of the Orkneys

  • Heriot

    A tributory of the Tweed. Also, a very posh street in Edinburgh.

  • Hope

    Part of the Strathmore river.

  • Hoy

    One of the Orkneys.

  • Iona

    A pretty common name in Scotland

  • Isla

    As in the phonetic pronunciation of 'Islay'. Very common nowadays in the UK.

  • Kelvin

    A Clyde tributary.

  • Lauder

    A town in the Borders.

  • Lenzie

    A pretty little town near Glasgow.

  • Medwin

    A Clyde tributary.

  • Melrose

  • Montrose

    A way to name a boy after a female relative with a 'Rose' name, perhaps?

  • Skye

    Very common in the UK.

  • Teviot

    A tributary of the Tweed. Also used for streets in Edinburgh (and the University Student Union).

  • Vaila

    One of the Shetland Islands.