If I had kids...

So imagine that you're pregnant... with sextuplets of unknown genders... Hmm... Nevermind. That's kind of hard to imagine... I hope none of us are ever in that kind of naming dilemma. So... These are just the top 6 names in each gender that I'm loving right now. They are in order of how I'd prioritize which names I feel I MUST use- starting with a girl because I have more favorite girl names than boy names- in fact I have 6 favorite girl names and 4 favorite boy names... so that's why its sextuplets instead of, what is it, quintuplets?. - Created by muchachacristiana

  • Amelia

    I liked the name until I met an Amelia, she was super outgoing and a bit overwhelming and made me like the name less. But then I became a Doctor Who fanatic... Her nickname would be Aimee : )

  • Charlotte

    Bummer that its so popular but I love the name Charlie and think boy Charlies are just too devious... so a girl nicknamed Charlie/Charley would be ideal.

  • Coraline

    Cora has been a long time favorite name. And then I read Coraline and realized the great potential. While this is the least favorite of my top 6 favorite girl names I think this name is so feminine yet unique so it just couldn't be left out!

  • Elinor

    I've always LOVED Eleanor but thanks to one of Jane Austen's leading ladies, I've realized I enjoy the more simpler spelling... she'd probably be nicknamed Nora, or Ella.

  • Frederic

    So many great Fred's exist in the world, regardless of the not so attractive sound of the nickname. But the name Frederc (esp spelled in such a manner, I think) is both handsome and intelligent sounding. Long live Fred Weasley ; )

  • Josephine

    Jo... from Little Women... Josie... from Josie and the Pussycats... Aunt Josephine from Anne of Green Gables... This name= spunk and I LOVE it! It gets hidden down here towards the end only because I love the J name Jude so much more (I have weird naming rules, I know...)

  • Jude

    This is the only baby name that I will be more than a little sad if I for some reason couldn't use it. Its my favorite of all favorites. The perfect eldest boy name in my mind.

  • Noah

    I babysat a kid named Noah, he was a sweetheart. Then the wonderful world of movies and tv shows made me realize that the name Noah=sweetheart! Maybe that's not true but I've seen enough great Noahs to feel that any child named Noah will be equally great.

  • Patrik

    Peter, my old fav 'p' boy name, now seems ho-hum compared to this Irish-esque name. I considered the traditional spelling as well as the Gaelic spelling (Padraig) and came up with Padraik... but prefer the look of Patrik. Patryk and Padrik are also attractive variations... hmm... He'd probably be Paddy regardless... or Rick? I don't really like that nickname though...

  • Phoebe

    Phoebe from Magic School Bus, Phoebe from Friends, Phoebe from the Bible: ALL great Phoebes. I don't know WHY I like it so much b/c its quite different from my other favorites...?

  • Seth

    I know a lot of great Seths. Its kind of a handsome sounding name. Plus it fits both young and old alike.

  • Tobin

    I've always loved the name Toby (and still do) and just assumed that Tobias was the only variation/full name for the nickname Toby but then I found Tobin. In my mind its more masculine and unique.