Baby #1

potential names for baby B, who is, as yet, still but a twinkle in our eyes...;) Update: Baby B is not longer but a twinkle. We're expecting...due May 31, 2013! - Created by srtaylo4

  • Anna

  • Annabeth

  • Anna Beth

    new favorite (fn Anna mn Elizabeth nn Anna Beth)

  • Charlotte

    nn Charlie

  • Edith

    nn Edie (hubs really doesn't like this one)

  • John

    nn Jack mn Samuel (honors two grandfathers; we'll probably use this one)

  • Josephine

    nn Jo or Joey (I LOVE this name, but it's maybe a bit much with our unusual, long, and very French last name)

  • Linden

    nn Lindy (hubs' favorite, but I think it's too unusual for our super unusual last name)

  • Margaret

    nn Maggie mn tbd

  • William

    nn Will mn Andrew (prob. my favorite boy's name, but it's soooo popular)

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