Baby #4: Girl List

Sibling to Kuyper (rhythms with hyper), Zane and Charlie. - Created by rushli

  • Annora

    NN Nora

  • Aurora

    NN Rory

  • Amelia Katherine

    MN after me

  • Cora Violet

    means maiden

  • Eden

    NN Ede. Means "place of pleasure, delight"

  • Eleanor

  • Elena

    NN Lane or Laney. My mom’s mn is Elaine. Elaine and Elena are forms of Helen meaning "bright, shining one"

  • Elin

    Welsh coming from Helen

  • Elinor

    not sure about this spelling, but I do like the modern feel

  • Fiona

    NN Fee

  • Juniper Elaine

  • Pheobe Elizabeth

    means bright, pure

  • Sylvia

    NN Sylvie

  • Tessa

  • Thalia Violet

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