English Kings

This list will be shorter than the queens, as so many names are repeated. But still, enjoy! - Created by rachelizann

  • Charles

    The apellation of two Stuart kings - the tragic Charles I and his party-mad son Charles II. Also the name of the Prince of Wales.

  • Edward

    Popularly vintage. The name of eight kings, including the controversial Edward VIII who abdicated for his love Wallis Simpson.

  • George

    First used by the German George I. It was then used by his son, George II, and four other ancestors, one of which was the Queen's father.

  • Henry

    Well used by royals - the name of eight English kings, although the shock of Henry VIII has most likely put them off having another one. Also Prince Harry's real name.

  • James

    The popular James was the name of two kings. It has a timeless quality to it.

  • John

    Again, possibly a bit dated. Possibly not the best namesake, as you'll know if you're in any way familiar with Robin Hood.

  • Richard

    Three King Richards bore this name. May feel a bit dated.

  • Stephen

    This regal spelling trumps Steven, in my opinion. There's only ever been one King Stephen - quite rare for the English royalty.

  • William

    A classic. The name of four kings, as well as the modern day prince.

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