My Favorite Names!!

This is just a random list of my favorite first, middle, and last name combinations, along with nicknames, if any. Just girls names though, because I have a rough time coming up with boys names... - Created by TabbySparks

  • Alaska Griffin - Sindar

    LOTR reference!! I really like how exotic and graceful this name sounds. It's one of my favorites.

  • Artemis Jade Clearwater

    This seems like a very forest-y and graceful name to me and I think it flows quite nicely.

  • Bernadette Evangeline Evers

    This name is on the long side and I'm not exactly crazy about the initials (bee) but I think it's very well balanced, what with the toughness of Bernadette against the softness and fussiness of Evangeline. I think Evers is fairly neutral.

  • Bianca Lee Ryder

    I originally just had this as Bianca Lee, but I felt that a tougher last name was needed to balance out the softness of the first.

  • Charlotte Ann Dunharrow

    This name is kind of long-winded, but I liked the (other) LOTR reference that I squeezed in there. Can you spot it?

  • Darcy Elaine Taylor

    I like the vaguely androgynous Darcy with the middle name Elaine, which is undeniably feminine.

  • Ivy Elwyn

    The repeated Y's are cool and I like the quiet sleekness of it.

  • Kitty Ellis

    I like the shortness and quietness of this name. I think it's very sophisticated while still having attitude.

  • Lark West

    The name Lark has always reminded me of skipping, and I think it goes well with the vaguely mysterious last name West.

  • Lily Rain Anaheim

    I like the shortness of the first and middle names juxtaposed agains the rather longer last name.

  • Lyssa Bird Sharp

    To all my fellow Westerfreaks out there, this name is for you!

  • Natalie Raven Lopez

    This name seems very sexy and dark purple to me.

  • Piper Twilling

    I originally had Mae as a middle name, but Mae just sounds too sharp and hard-edged to me.

  • Renèe Lastelle Alexander

    I think this name is very feminine and pretty. The middle name is a Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind reference, and it's pronounced luh-STELL

  • Rosemary Selene La Rue

    I like the serenity that Selene lends to this name, and the fieriness of LaRue counterbalancing it.

  • Sasha Rose Barlow

    This name (to me at least) is a very sweet, innocent, and rosy-cheeked sort of name.

  • Shay McBride

    I've always thought that the name Shay is really pretty. It's soft and feminine without being too girlish.

  • Skye Inverness

    This name has always reminded me of a meadow with rolling hills and wildflowers under an endless azure sky.

  • Tabitha (Tabby) Sparks

    Out of the whole entire list, this name is far and away my very favorite!! Hence the username. :D

  • Willow Gracelyn Black

    I like this names because it kind of rolls smoothly off your tongue :)