Names for Punklings

Punk-y names (some are the names of actual punk rockers!)
  1. Aleksi
    • Alix
      • Angus
        • Origin:

          Anglicized form of Aonghus, Aonghas, Gaelic
        • Meaning:

          "one strength"
        • Description:

          Angus is a traditional yet stylish choice in the UK, especially in Scotland. And it's a cool choice for US parents too, particularly those whose roots go back to Glasgow. The ancient Celtic form Oenghus has important historical overtones in Scotland, and the Gaelic form Aonghas is associated with two distinguished modern poets. In Irish folklore, Angus Og is a chieftain-lord who used his magical powers for the pleasure and prosperity of mankind--and in Irish myth, Aonghus was the god of love and youth.
      • Anarcho
        • Anemi
          • Az
            • Banshee
              • Berlin
                • Biafra
                  • Blondie
                    • Brody
                      • Butch
                        • Chelsea
                          • Origin:

                            London and New York place-name
                          • Description:

                            Chelsea is still being used, with about 400 baby girls named Chelsea in the US last year. But it was much more popular a few decades ago, peaking at Number 15 in 1992.
                        • Cherry
                          • Origin:

                            Fruit name
                          • Description:

                            With other fruity names like Clementine, Olive and Plum ripe for the picking, sweet Cherry remains remarkably underused: just 27 baby girls received the name in 2017, down from 343 at its peak in 1948. The unsavory slang meaning no doubt goes a long way towards explaining its fall from grace.
                        • Darby
                          • Origin:

                            Irish or Norse
                          • Meaning:

                            "free one or from the deer estate"
                          • Description:

                            Lighthearted, spirited Irish-accented name. Works particularly well with an O' surname, as in 'Darby O'Gill and the Little People'. Patrick Dempsey chose it for one of his twin boys.
                        • Decent
                          • Deedee
                            • Ezra
                              • Origin:

                              • Meaning:

                              • Description:

                                Ezra has a lot going for it: the strength of its heroic Biblical legacy, its quirky sound, and its fresh but familiar feel. Ezra is now at its highest point ever, but its intuitive streamlined spelling and deep roots could make it a worth successor to Elijah in the Top 10 -- or even to Liam or Noah at Number 1.
                            • Enyo
                              • Frankie
                                • Origin:

                                  Diminutive of Frances
                                • Meaning:

                                  "from France; free man"
                                • Description:

                                  Vintage nickname name, with a down-to-earth country feel. This renewed interest placed Frankie back in the US Top 1000 in 2015 after a 41-year hiatus. For girls, it's a popular choice in England and Wales, Australia, and New Zealand. Drew Barrymore, who helped popularize and glamorize boyish names for girls, has a daughter named Frankie. On TV's Better Things, Pamela Adlon's middle daughter is named Frankie (sister to Max and Duke, both girls).