Animal Crossing New Horizons Name Ideas

Deciding what to name my character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! I want something girly and whimsical. - Created by novadanielle

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  • Alice

  • Andie

    Pros: One of my favorite nickname names Cons: Could be teased as a

  • Aurelia

    Beautiful and elegant Cons: Hard to say for brothers

  • Aurora

    Pros: Like the dawn Cons: Already a villager named Aurora

  • Brinley

  • Calliope

    Pros: Cool and ethereal Cons: Brothers make fun of it, long

  • Cecelia

    Pros: One of my all time favorites Cons: A little long

  • Cleo

    Pros: Mystical and cute, short and sweet Cons: None so far

  • Coralie

    Pros: Combines Cora and Rosalie Cons: Don't LOVE it

  • Coraline

    Pros: Reminds me of the movie, cute/cool, water connection Cons: Can't decide between Cora and Coraline, a little long

  • Daisy

    Pros: Adorable, same first letter as me Cons: Already a villager named Daisy

  • Delilah

    Pros: Same first letter as me, cute without ending in -ie Cons: A little too Southern Belle

  • Elowen

    Pros: Beautiful, fairylike Cons: A little Arthurian

  • Evangeline

    Pros: Ethereal Cons: A little long

  • Florence

    Pros: Really pretty Cons: Too long

  • Hazel

    Pros: Spunky, witchy Cons: One of my favorite villagers is named Hazel

  • Isla

    Pros: Pretty Cons: A little on the nose, short

  • Juniper

    Pros: A little sassier than the rest Cons: I'll just want it to be June the whole time, the -per is a bad ending

  • Lavender

    Pros: Feminine without being super girly Cons: Kinda long

  • Leila

    Pros: Cute Cons: Doesn't especially stick out

  • Liesl

    Pros: Really different from the rest of the list Cons: Same con as Lorelai

  • Lila

    Pros: Lighter than Delilah Cons: None

  • Lorelai

    Pros: Beautiful and long without *feeling* long Cons: I prefer this spelling, but it might start to bother me

  • Lucy

    Pros: Super cute and fun Cons: None!

  • Luna

    Pros: Ethereal and beautiful Cons: A liiiitle basic, no?

  • Marnie

    Pros: Connects to water without being Marina (which is too close to my last name), witchy vibe (Halloweentown) Cons: Not huge on the AR sound but that's really minor

  • Matilda

    Pros: Elegant and pretty Cons: Might prefer Tilly

  • Melody

    Pros: Beautiful and magical Cons: Basic

  • Millie

    Pros: Adorable! Cons: A *new* name for me I might not like (doesn't have the longevity of the others)

  • Phoebe

    Pros: One of my favorites, cute and pretty and classic Cons: Already a villager named Phoebe

  • Piper

    Pros: Cute, not overly girly, short and sweet/sassy Cons: Not huge on the -er sound

  • Primrose

    Pros: Pretty, cute, ethereal Cons: A little frou frou

  • Rosalie

    Pros: Really cute, a little more elevated than Rosie Cons: None!

  • Sailor

    Pros: Always feel like I'm being called a nickname Cons: A little on the nose

  • Starlight

    Pros: Really cute like SUPER cute, always feels like a nickname Cons: Not really a name

  • Stella

    Pros: Cute, simple, elegant Cons: Already a villager named Stella

  • Tessa

    Pros: Cute and unique Cons: Can't really decide between Tess and Tessa

  • Thea

    Pros: Short and sweet Cons: I have a little trouble saying it out loud

  • Tilly

    Pros: Prefer over Matilda Cons: Sounds like silly

  • Violet

    Pros: Not overly cutesy but feminine Cons: Already a villager named Violet

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