All Time Favourite Girls Names

No kids or plans as such, just LOVE names, in particular, these ones. Some are more classical, never going out of style (Elizabeth, Claire, Michelle); while others are really more of a guilty pleasure (Immaculata, Candace). Take inspiration or enjoy! - Created by Norsk-Jane

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  • Alice

    While I love it, might be a bit dated for the modern baby girl.

  • Annabeth

    Although a combo name, Annabeth has an old-timey feel.

  • Arabella

    Evokes innocence, beauty, femininity. May be overly sweet for a straight-laced businesswoman.

  • Aurora

    Fascinating phenomena-meaning name.

  • Bella

  • Candace

    Sweet for some (me), tooth rotingly saccharine for others.

  • Cecelia

    Cute nickname option: Cece, pron. [SEE-see]

  • Claire


  • Coco

    Lovely, innocent, also only a guilty pleasure. Too little substance for anything more than a middle name.

  • Constance

  • Eleanor

  • Elizabeth

  • Elodie

    French face-lift for an Aunt Melody

  • Evangeline

    Caution: some religious undertones

  • Gabrielle

    Feminine of equally gorgeous Gabriel. In my view, better than Gabriella

  • Genevieve

  • Henrietta

    Less daunting counterpart: Harriet

  • Immaculata

    Admittedly, a bit, shall we say... Unorthodox

  • Mae

    Lovely while short, best as a middle name

  • Marie

  • Michelle

    Infinitely superior to sister Mikaela

  • Persephone

    For the little godess

  • Rose

  • Rosemary

    Nature name

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