Be More Chill Characters

The names of the characters and actors and actresses from the musical "Be More Chill". - Created by chase

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  • Britton

    Actor (broadway): Britton Smith (Jake Dillinger)

  • Brooke

    Brooke Lohst; Chloe's best friend

  • Chloe

    Chloe Valentine; The popular girl

  • Christine

    Christine Canigula; Jeremy's crush

  • Dustin

    Dustin Kropp; Party goer, Christine's cousin

  • Eric

    Actor (original): Eric William Morris (The SQUIP)

  • George

    Actor (original & broadway): George Salazar (Michael Mell)

  • Gerard

    Actor (original & broadway): Gerard Canonico (Rich Goranski)

  • Jake

    Character: Jake Dillinger; Rich's best friend | Actor (original): Jake Boyd

  • Jason

    Actor (broadway): Jason "Sweettooth" Williams (Jeremy's dad) | Actor (broadway): Jason Tam (The SQUIP)

  • Jenna

    Jenna Rolan; The gossiper

  • Jeremy

    Jeremy Heere; The main character; Short for Jeremiah

  • Justin

    Actor (exit 82): Justin Christoper Odon (Dustin Kropp) (Dustin only makes an appearance in the exit 82 version of BMC but is mentioned in the original and broadway versions)

  • Katie

    Actress (original): Katie Ladner (Jenna Rolan)

  • Katlyn

    Actress (original & broadway): Katlyn Carlson (Chloe Valentine)

  • Lauren

    Actress (original & broadway): Lauren Marcus (Brooke Lohst)

  • Madeline

    Unknown last name; Pretends to be French for attention

  • Michael

    Michael Mell; Jeremy's best friend

  • Paul

    Actor (original): Paul Whitty (Jeremy's dad)

  • Rich

    Rich Goranski; Jeremy & Michael's bully; Short for Richard

  • Stephanie

    Actress (original & broadway): Stephanie Hsu (Christine Canigula)

  • Tiffany

    Actress (broadway): Tiffany Mann (Jenna Rolan)

  • Will

    Actor (original): William "Will" Connolly (Jeremy Heere) | Actor (broadway): William "Will" Roland (Jeremy Heere)

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