Oh So Many Nature Names Bonanza

My top nature names that are either favorite first names or middle names that go well with a favorite first name. - Created by barrybaby

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  • Arbor

    As a self-proclaimed tree-hugger, I have to add Arbor to my list. I like it as a middle with Clark, one of my favorite boy names. It doesn't sound enough like a name to use in first place.

  • Autumn

    A lovely name for a Fall born baby girl. I love it with Miriam, but I'm not sure which name would come first.

  • Clover

    As a middle name for Claire. Claire Clover is a DC superhero. Clover alludes to St. Pat's Day, a favorite holiday for us. Clover is a plant name, color name (clover green), and general nature name.

  • Dahlia

    My favorite flower name for girls! So much more unique than Lily and Rose. Two pronounciations: Dale-yuh & dAHl-yuh, I prefer the latter. Dolly would be a sweet nickname.

  • Daisy

    Another beautiful flower name. This one I like since it goes so well with Faith as a middle. It has a boho, hippie vibe that I just love, and a little bit of vintage flair. I think of Daisy in Great Gatsby.

  • Everest

    How cool to be named after one of the tallest mountains in the world? This name feels outdoorsy, but not TOO out of the box for it's similarity to Everett, which is fairly common in my area. I'd use it as a middle with Ezra or Ezekiel.

  • Forest

    Theodore's middle name. We loved the natural outdoorsy associations, and purposefully spelled with one

  • Frost

    A middle name that would be great for a son born in Winter. I think of Jack Frost, and Robert Frost, the poet.

  • Hazel

    A tree name, a flower name, a vintage name, and for us, a family name. I could not love Hazel more or how well it flows and repeats sounds and letters from Zelda.

  • Holly

    As a nickname for Holland, this would be a super cute addition to a nature, world-adventuring sibset. A consideration for a girl born near Christmastime.

  • Jasper

    A masculine gem name, and it sounds so vintage and Southern! I think it sounds great with Thomas.

  • Laurel

    A second pretty tree name for a girl. A great middle for Linda. I like Rosalind better though, so we likely won't use it.

  • Magnolia

    I love the nickname Maggie. It's so darling. Magnolia offers a few other cute nicknames, too. It sounds Southern and has a little bit of a hipster vibe right now.

  • Obsidian

    I love it for a middle name with Robin, but is it too far out? It is used in multiple video games, as a rock and title but not a name. The lava rock sounds pretty badass as a middle.

  • Pearl

    As a middle name for Charlotte. Vintage, gemstone, nature, ocean themed name. A real throwback.

  • Rainer

    Another mountain name, this one is in our state. I love that it has the world

  • River

    Another wonderful gender-neutral name I love. It has to be a middle, as I have a cousin close-by with the same name. I think it pairs great with Harvey.

  • Robin

    My long-time favorite gender neutral name. I love the connection to my mother's last name and to the bird. Favorite characters like Batman's Robin, Robin Hood, and Christopher Robin make this name even more iconic. I'll likely use it on a boy.

  • Rosalind

    Rose or Rosie for short makes this longer name short, sweet, and nature-themed. The

  • Ruby

    Ruby is such a lovely name. It rolls of your tongue. The gem and the sound of it make it so appealing, but I'm not convinced I love it as much as other girl nature names on my list.

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