Arabic Girl Names by ViVi

These are names of 100% Arabic origin, meaning they don't derive from names from other cultures. These are names specifically for girls. There are no male or unisex names on this list. - Created by vivi52302

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  • Aanisah

    Meaning: "Good-natured."

  • Adhara

    Meaning: "Virgins."

  • Aida

    Meaning: "Happy."

  • Akilah

    Meaning: "Intelligent." AND/OR "Logical."

  • Aliya

    Meaning: "Heavens." AND/OR "Highborn." AND/OR "Exalted."

  • Alula

    Meaning: "First leap."

  • Alya

    Meaning: "Heavens." AND/OR "Highborn." AND/OR "Exalted."

  • Alzira

    Meaning: "Ornament."

  • Amapola

    Meaning: "Poppy."

  • Amina

    Meaning: "Trustworthy." AND/OR "Faithful."

  • Anisa

    Meaning: "Good-natured."

  • Anissa

    Meaning: "Friendly."

  • Asma

    Meaning: "Supreme."

  • Bahira

    Meaning: "Dazzling." AND/OR "Brilliant."

  • Bariah

    Meaning: "Does well."

  • Cala

    Meaning: "Castle." AND/OR "Fortress."

  • Cantara

    Meaning: "Little bridge."

  • Emani

    Meaning: "Faith."

  • Faizah

    Meaning: "Victorious."

  • Farah

    Meaning: "Happiness."

  • Farasha

    Meaning: "Butterfly."

  • Farida

    Meaning: "Unique." AND/OR "Precious pearl."

  • Farrah

    Meaning: "Happiness."

  • Fatima

    Meaning: "Captivating." AND/OR "A woman who abstains."

  • Habibah

    Meaning: "Beloved."

  • Hadiya

    Meaning: "Guide to righteousness."

  • Halimah

    Meaning: "Gentle." AND/OR "Patient."

  • Hanifa

    Meaning: "True believer."

  • Haqikah

    Meaning: "Truthful."

  • Iman

    Meaning: "Faith."

  • Imani

    Meaning: "Faith."

  • Inaya

    Meaning: "Concerned."

  • Jaeda

    Meaning: "Long-necked beauty."

  • Jala

    Meaning: "Great." AND/OR "Illustrious."

  • Jalila

    Meaning: "Illustrious."

  • Jamila

    Meaning: "Beautiful."AND/OR "Graceful."

  • Jinan

    Meaning: "Garden." AND/OR "Paradise."

  • Jumana

    Meaning: "Silver pearl."

  • Kalila

    Meaning: "Beloved."

  • Kamilah

    Meaning: "Perfect."

  • Khadija

    Meaning: "Premature baby."

  • Khalida

    Meaning: "Immortal." AND/OR "Everlasting."

  • Latifah

    Meaning: "Kind." AND/OR "Gentle."

  • Leila

    Meaning: "Night."

  • Lila

    Meaning: "Night."

  • Marya

    Meaning: "Purity." AND/OR "Bright whiteness."

  • Meissa

    Meaning: "The shining one."

  • Nabila

    Meaning: "Honorable." AND/OR "Noble."

  • Nada

    Meaning: "Dew at sunrise."

  • Nadira

    Meaning: "Precious." AND/OR "Rare."

  • Nahla

    Meaning: "A drink of water."

  • Naja

    Meaning: "Silver hands."

  • Najiba

    Meaning: "Wellborn."

  • Najila

    Meaning: "Bright eyes."

  • Nashira

    Meaning: "The bearer of good news."

  • Nasima

    Meaning: "Breeze" AND/OR "Fresh air."

  • Nazira

    Meaning: "Equal."

  • Nyla

    Meaning: "Winner."

  • Nylah

    Meaning: "Winner."

  • Nadida

    Meaning: "Equal." AND/OR "A peer."

  • Omaira

    Meaning: "Red."

  • Peridot

    Meaning: "A green gemstone."

  • Qadira

    Meaning: "Capable."

  • Qiturah

    Meaning: "Incense." AND/OR "Scent."

  • Rabia

    Meaning: "Spring."

  • Rabiah

    Meaning: "Spring."

  • Radeyah

    Meaning: "Contended."

  • Raidah

    Meaning: "Leader."

  • Rana

    Meaning: "Queenly."

  • Raniyah

    Meaning: "Gazing."

  • Rashida

    Meaning: "Righteous."

  • Rima

    Meaning: "White antelope."

  • Romina

    Meaning: "From the land of the Christians."

  • Sabah

    Meaning: "Morning."

  • Sadiya

    Meaning: "Lucky." AND/OR "Fortunate."

  • Safiyya

    Meaning: "Confidante." AND/OR "Best friend."

  • Sahar

    Meaning: "Dawn." AND/OR "Morning." AND/OR "Awakening."

  • Sahara

    Meaning: "Desert."

  • Salima

    Meaning: "Healthy."

  • Salma

    Meaning: "Safe."

  • Sama

    Meaning: "Sky."

  • Samira

    Meaning: "Companion in evening conversation."

  • Samiya

    Meaning: "High." AND/OR "Exalted." AND/OR "Praised."

  • Samiyah

    Meaning: "High." AND/OR "Exalted." AND/OR "Praised."

  • Sana

    Meaning: "Mountaintop." AND/OR "Splendid." AND/OR "Brilliant."

  • Sari

    Meaning: "Noble."

  • Shakila

    Meaning: "Pretty."

  • Shakira

    Meaning: "Woman of grace."

  • Shamara

    Meaning: "Ready for battle."

  • Shaula

    Meaning: "Raised tail."

  • Sheherazade

    Meaning: "Dweller in cities."

  • Tahira

    Meaning: "Pure." AND/OR "Chaste."

  • Taja

    Meaning; "To mention." AND/OR "To name."

  • Tamarind

    Meaning: "Date from India."

  • Tarbula

    Meaning; "Square." AND/OR "Block."

  • Thana

    Meaning: "Death."

  • Ulima

    Meaning; "Astute." AND/OR "Wise."

  • Yamileth

    Meaning: "Beautiful."

  • Yamina

    Meaning; "Right." AND/OR "Proper."

  • Yara

    Meaning: "Small butterfly."

  • Zada

    Meaning: "Fortunate." AND/OR "Prosperous."

  • Zafira

    Meaning: "To succeed."

  • Zahira

    Meaning: "Helper." AND/OR "Supporter."

  • Zahra

    Meaning: "Flower."

  • Zaida

    Meaning: "Prosperous."

  • Zamzam

    Origin: Arabic place name.

  • Zaniah

    Meaning: "Corner."

  • Zaria

    Meaning: "Rose."

  • Zayna

    Meaning: "Beauty." AND/OR "Grace."

  • Zerlin

    Meaning: "Beautiful dawn."

  • Zerlina

    Meaning: "Beautiful dawn."

  • Zoraida

    Meaning: "Captivating woman."

  • Zuelia

    Meaning: "Peace."

  • Zuleika

    Meaning: "Fair."

  • Zulma

    Meaning: "Healthy." AND/OR "Vigorous."

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