Legend of Zelda Baby Names

names, places, and more from all of the Legend of Zelda games. Many of these names are unisex, so I just put it as what it is in the game or what I would choose it as, but don’t let that limit you! I tried to keep some of the weirder names out, but some of the main characters with odd names I kept for being so notorious to the game. - Created by Novamore

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  • Agitha

    A bug loving character in Twilight Princess, playable in Hyrule warriors.

  • Beetle

    A very odd name, but this character is very notable to the game. He is a salesperson that has appeared multiple times over the series.

  • Chancellor

    Chancellor Cole - antagonist in Spirit Tracks

  • Cia

    Antagonist in hyrule warriors

  • Cole

    Chancellor Cole - antagonist in Spirit Tracks

  • Ciela

    a fairy in Phantom Hourglass. Is similar to Ciera and has an -ela ending, so wouldn’t be too odd.

  • Daltus

    King in Minish Cap. Similar to the popular Dalton.

  • Daphnes

    A king as well as a name of a mountain.

  • Eldin

    The Eldin Province is an area in many Zelda games.

  • Epona

    Epona is Link’s beloved horse in many games.

  • Fairy

    Not at al obvious to the game, but fairies are an item that heals you when you die in the game, and there is a Great Fairy which will give you things in order to keep Link alive. Lastly, one of the most notable characters, Navi, is a fairy.

  • Faron

    A forest in many games

  • Floria

    Lake Floria is in Breath of the Wild. This name is a nice twist on the classic Flora, and isn’t as odd as many names on this list. It isn’t very recognizable to the game.

  • Fi

    Links helpful companion in Skyward Sword

  • Ganon

    Ganon is the villain in many of these games.

  • Ghirahim

    Antagonist in skyward sword. Interesting twist on Graham.

  • Hilda

    Princess in A Link Between Worlds.

  • Hylia

    Hylia is the race of the people of Hyrule, as well as the name of a goddess in the game. Lastly, there is a Lake Hylia as well. This name is very rare and beautiful name, that deserves more attention from all the -lia names around.

  • Hylian

    a Hylian is a person of Links race in LOZ. Hylian could fit right in with the other -ian ending names like Julian and Adrian.

  • Ilia

    Links childhood friend in Twilight Princess

  • Impa

    Impa is a trusted and loyal helper to Princess Zelda, who helps Link along in the game as well.

  • Jolene

    phantom hourglass character. Most people will associate this with the popular Dolly Parton song, but is a great name if you’re a fan of both.

  • Lana

    Playable character in Hyrule Warriors

  • Link

    The strong and courageous hero of the game. Could be a nickname for a name such as Lincoln.

  • Majora

    Majora is a rambunctious and childlike character in some games. He is a villain, but doesn’t have ill intent. Also where they get the name Majoras Mask

  • Marin

    Character in Links Awakening. Also in Hyrule Warriors.

  • Medli

    A Rito (bird person) in wind waker

  • Midna

    Midna is your trusty companion in the game Twilight Princess.

  • Mipha

    One of the guardians in Breath of the Wild. She is the princess of the Zoras.

  • Navi

    Links friendly fairy companion in Ocarina of Time. Is known for being annoying, yet helpful.

  • Ocarina

    Instrument used in ocarina of time. Nice twist on names such as Karina.

  • Rito

    a bird-person race in the games.

  • Season

    word in title Oracle of Seasons. Isn’t obvious to Zelda, but would work

  • Sky

    This name is a pretty popular name, and isn’t recognizable to the game, but is a nod to the game Skyward Sword. Could be a nickname for names such as Skyler and Skylee.

  • Smith

    Minish Cap character. One of the more common names on this list.

  • Saria

    Links childhood friend in Ocarina I’d Time. Her name is a refreshing twist on the popular Sarah and Daria.

  • Sheik

    A race in Zelda games.

  • Styla

    Main character and princess in Triforce Heroes

  • Tetra

    Main character in wind waker. Is a strong pirate that helps link along his journey.

  • Tingle

    Not a very usable name, but a notorious Zelda character whose dream is to be a fairy.

  • Twilight

    The game Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

  • Wild

    Breath of the Wild. Could use name Wilder instead.

  • Zelda

    A princess, and One of the main characters. The title of the game is named after her.

  • Zora

    This name is not as obvious as some of these names, which could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Zoras are a mermaid-like species appearing in multiple games in the series.