There's something just so adorable and regal about names that end in -ian/ien/ion. Here's a list of my faves - Created by cara.eskins

  • Adrian

    Usually a boys name

  • Adrien

    I prefer this spelling for a boy very much

  • Adriene

  • Alician

    Gorgeous; but probably too much like Alicia to be practical.

  • Amarion

    nickname is Amari, maybe Rion

  • Adrian

    Not-too-feminine girls name;

  • Bastian

  • Carnelian

    Orange gem; great middle

  • Caspian

    Place-name; sea between Europe and Asia; no good nicknames.

  • Cassian

    Like Cassius, but not

  • Charmian

    Is it charm-an or car-men?

  • Dalian

  • Damian

    Cute, but creepy. Reminds me of my kindergarten bully.

  • Darian

    Sounds like the inspiration for a Vampire Weekend song, which isn't bad.

  • Darien

  • Demetrien

    Maybe a bit too much.. isn't Demetrius unique enough... I like it better though

  • Dorian

  • Emilian

  • Fabian

  • Fabien

    Adorbs lil boy name. Fabio but waaayyy less cheesy

  • Florian

    Like Flora but less feminine

  • Gian

    Makes me think of Giancarlo Stanton and I like.

  • Gillian

    Not my fave, but the list would not be complete without it!!

  • Hadrian

    Dark-haired, reminds me of Hades.

  • Julian

  • Julien

    I like this version better tbh

  • Julienne

  • Justinian

    Long but lovely

  • Katrien

    Katrina without the hurricane connotations; gorgeous; nickname is Kat

  • Lilian

    One l is so much less bulky imo

  • Lucian

    It means light and I'm obsessed; nickname is Luc/Luke

  • Marian

    Looks too much like Maryanne.?

  • Marion

    Adorbs as a not-too-masculine boys name; reminds me of ocean themed names

  • Marion

    Much better

  • Maximillian

    Long and a little overdone.? Classic and the list would be incomplete without it??

  • Mirian

    nickname is Miri

  • Olivian

    Like Oliver, but less masculine or popular; Oli

  • Orion

    Astronomy name, how could you not luv

  • Rian

    It's a no from me, dawg

  • Rion

    I say it like Ryan idc

  • Savion


  • Sebastian

  • Sebastien

  • Sylvian

    I like this as a boy's middle tbh

  • Savian

    Like Savannah, but not a place. Nickname Savi

  • Torrien

  • Valerian

  • Veridian

    I love this as a middle name; it means green

  • Vermilion

    Vermillion is one of my fave colors!

  • Vivian

    A classic

  • Vivien

  • Xavian

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