Unique, Unused, and Unbearably Adorable Girl Names

Everyone wants to have a unique name for their baby girl/girls, but when searching for them, you find the same ones over and over. In this list I'm hoping to display some different but all the same beautiful girl's names! I would also love feedback, because this is my first time making a list. Thank you, and enjoy! :-) - Created by Møøn Beam

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  • Althea

    A beautiful variation of Allison or Aliyah!

  • Anaise

    I think this has a hipster kind of feel to it, and definitely appeals to me!

  • Anastasia

    I adore this name for a princess-loving sweetheart!

  • Arianna

    I imagine this for an intelligent and quick-witted girl.

  • Astrid

    Used for the heroine of How To Train Your Dragon, this name will be perfect for your adventurous bbg.

  • Bandit

    Definitely unused, but after hearing it for the first time as Gerard Way's daughter, I loved it!

  • Camille

    A beautiful french name that will stand out of the crowd of Camerons!

  • Capucine

    May not appeal to you if you think of coffee, but I love this french name!

  • Fiona

    Very different and lovely!

  • Hayes

    Preppy-sounding, but I imagine it for a sweet tomboy!

  • Madigan

    It's meaning is 'little dog'... but besides that I believe it to be an adorable name for your puppy-eyed little girl!

  • Orion

    A beautiful constellation. Imagine pointing out your daughter's namesake every night before they went to bed! :-)

  • Padma

    Sankirt originated, becoming a lovely international name!

  • Pandora

    Love this for a whimsical sweetie-pie!

  • Phoenix

    Fiery spirited and loveable!

  • Seraphina

    Variations: Seraphine or Serafina

  • Serenity

    I love this for an imaginative yet fiery girl.

  • Shea

    Sweet and short, but still unique and very pretty!

  • Shiloh

    Look past the sad book and see a beautiful name!

  • Starling

    I imagine a shooting star every time i hear this name!

  • Sepia

    A color name, but I think of it as very adventurous!

  • Tallulah

    This is my #1 favorite! Tallulah is a unique and cute name for a fun and joyful girl!

  • Winifred

    Oldie but A Goodie! I personally like the nickname Winnie or Freddie for a your tomboy-ish girl!