"B" Names

Fave "B" names 2017. - Created by olivapuz

  • Blaine

    Like Blair, but with less connections to a murderous movie : |

  • Blair

    My fave movie Blair Witch project (old one, not new). Weird to name kid after horror movie, but...

  • Blakely

    This reminds me of Blake + Lively, which bothers me a little, but I would mostly just shorten it to Blake.

  • Blaze

    The only male

  • Blue

  • Brit

    I like Britain (especially the accents)! I like going short and sweet but if you like to shorten longer names to nicknames, I guess Brittany would work.

  • Brooklyn

    My fave part of New York, besides Soho. Would go well with Adecyn/Addison, 'cause they're both the names of towns/cities. Shorten to Brook.

  • Brynn

  • Beckett

    LOVE this! It's so cute! Shorten to Beck (after my favorite singer ;).