Chronicles of Narnia Baby Names

A collection of names from all seven books of the Chronicles of Narnia. - Created by Fire Fairy

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  • Aravis

    A young Calormene girl who runs away to Narnia from an arranged marriage.

  • Aslan

    The Great Lion and God of Narnia who is involved in every story.

  • Caspian

    A Telmarine prince who saves Narnia from his tyrannical uncle with the help of the Pevensies, becoming King Caspian the Seafarer.

  • Cor

    Shasta's birth name, the name he was given as the eldest prince of Archenland.

  • Corin

    The name of the second prince of Archenland, and Shasta's twin brother.

  • Digory

    A young boy who discovered Narnia during its creation, who helps plant the tree of protection and eventually becomes the Professor Kirke who houses the Pevensies when they find Narnia.

  • Edmund

    The third Pevensie, who, after betraying his family and being redeemed by Aslan, becomes King Edmund the Just.

  • Eustace

    The bratty cousin of the Pevensies who gets dragged along to Narnia and ends up being changed for the better.

  • Emeth

    A Calormene soldier loyally devoted to the false god Tash, who learns in the afterlife that Aslan was the one he had been serving all along.

  • Frank

    The name of the very first king of Narnia.

  • Helen

    The name of the very first queen of Narnia.

  • Jadis

    The given name of the White Witch.

  • Jill

    Eustace's friend from school who goes with him to Narnia and journeys to find and save Prince Rilian.

  • Lucy

    The youngest Pevensie and the first to discover Narnia, she becomes Queen Lucy the Valiant.

  • Peter

    The oldest Pevensie, who becomes High King Peter the Magnificent.

  • Polly

    Digory's neighbor and friend, who discovers Narnia during its creation.

  • Rain

  • Rilian

    Caspian's son who was held captive underground for a decade.

  • Susan

    The second oldest Pevensie, who becomes Queen Susan the Gentle

  • Shasta

    The name of a young boy from Calormen who discovers he was adopted and decides to run away to Narnia before he is sold as a slave.

  • Tirian

    The last king of Narnia.

  • Tumnus

    A faun who becomes Lucy's first friend from Narnia.