Baby Girl List

Brainstorming names for our third child, our first daughter. Older brothers are named "John Quincy" and "Gabriel Lincoln" who go by "Quincy" and "Gabe" respectively. Trying to decide if we carry the presidential theme through to this baby girl or go with a family name. - Created by JacquelineLee

  • Abigail Lee

    official first name would be

  • Alexandra Hamilton

    would go by: Alex

  • Gwendolyn

    I've just always loved this name.

  • Ida McKinley

    Ida was my husband's maternal grandmother's name. Baby would go by McKinley.

  • Jacqueline Lee

    My two grandmothers' names put together. Also: my parent's second choice name for me. ALSO: Jackie O's full name was "Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis"

  • James Madison

    would go by: Jamie

  • James Monroe

    would go by either Jamie or Monroe

  • Laine Leota

    family name - after my mom Elaine and grandmother Leota - means fawn or sunbeam

  • Ruby Lee

    official first name would be

  • Theodora

    nickname: Teddy - no middle name