Best Little Girl Names

Possible first and middle names for future little girls - Created by maddiesfairies

  • Alexandra

    Love it more as a middle

  • Camille

    Cute first name but could also work as a middle!

  • Elisabeth

    More likely to use as a middle but lots of cute nickname options

  • Francesca

    Doubt I'd use it but I adore this name

  • Giselle

    Too ironic but a beautiful first or middle

  • Hazel

    Love but TFIOS ruined it for me

  • Jane

    Cute first or middle!

  • Leila

    So much love for this name, so beautiful

  • Noelle

    Cute middle for a Christmas baby

  • Ruby

    This name is adorable as a first name

  • Sabine

    Not likely to use but still love it

  • Stella

    Love this as a first name! Definitely a favorite.