Ends in -via

Name that end with the letters -via, or something similar. Great for people who like the name Olivia but want something different.
  1. Akavya
    • Alivia
      • Origin:

        Variation of Olivia
      • Description:

        While Alivia may not have achieved the megapopularity of its mother name, it's still a widely used choice. Alivia combines the trendiness of A names with the trendiness of Olivia to create a choice that's slightly off the beaten track -- slightly being the operative word here. Is the distinction the initial A earns you worth a lifetime of explaining, "No, it's Alivia, with an A, not Olivia"? Your call, though ours would be no.
    • Alvia
      • Avia
        • Origin:

          Latin, Hebrew
        • Meaning:

          "bird; God is my father"
      • Aviyah
        • Anevia
          • Anivia
            • Arvia
              • Auvia
                • Aviya
                  • Belvia
                    • Bolivia
                      • Origin:

                      • Description:

                        If you're tired of Olivia, you could be the first on your block to introduce this unique sound-related place-name with Latin flair.
                    • Bonavia
                      • Bravia
                        • Calavia
                          • Clavia
                            • Clivia
                              • Clovia
                                • Covia
                                  • Davia