Girls Gone Wild

Nature names for girls inspired by animals, plants, flowers, sun, moon, stars and such. This list is by no means comprehensive and merely includes names I like. - Created by SusannaLily

  • Aisha

    Said to be of Arabic origins meaning 'alive and well' but has also been linked to the moon goddess.

  • Ardith

    Ardith may seem like a mesh between Arden and Edith but don't let that fool you. Ardith means 'spiritual prosperity' in Old Swedish and in Hebrew 'blooming fields' and for some reason I picture yellow meadows.

  • Ayelet

    It is taken from the Hebrew phrase 'ayelet hashachar' literally gazelle of the dawn.

  • Calandra

    Calandra is an Italian surname-turned-forename, meaning 'skylark'.

  • Cordelia

    Shakespearean Cordelia is also linked to ancient Greek giving it the lovely meaning of daughter by the sea.

  • Danica

    From a Slavic word meaning 'morning star'.

  • Delphine

    A French name from delphinium commonly known as Larkspur.

  • Delta

    River delta, a landform at the mouth of a river.

  • Elowen

    Means Elm tree in Cornish.

  • Fiorella

    From Italian fiore meaning flower.

  • Flora

    Derived from Latin flos meaning flower.

  • Gemma

    Medieval Italian meaning 'precious stone'. It was also the name of Dante Alighieri's wife.

  • Itzel

    Has popularity in Mexico and is is derived from Maya language. There is some debate between meanings but both are lovely Itzehl translates to “Moon Goddess”. Itsehl translates to “She of the Rainbow”.

  • Jade

    Precious stone, sweet and simple.

  • Juniper

    A unique name often related to small green shrubs, possible derived from the plant family juniperus.

  • Kezia

    Green and biblical! From the Hebrew name Qetzi'ah meaning cassia, cinnamon, from the name of the spice tree.

  • Lotus

    Lotus flower or tree.

  • Mavie


  • Paloma

    A Spanish name meaning dove. Pablo Picasso named his daughter Paloma.

  • Phillida

    Also spelled as Phyllida from Greek, meaning 'greenery'.

  • Pomona

    The Roman godess of fruit trees and such a sweet name.

  • Rhea

    Short name with links to mythology, Greek (meaning flowing), and an emu like bird.

  • Roanne

    Derived from Rowan a tree with red berries.

  • Roisin

  • Rosemary

    Combination of Rose and Mary. This name can also be given in reference to the herb, which gets its name from Latin ros marinus meaning dew of the sea.

  • Sulwyn

    A welsh name meaning 'sun blessed'.

  • Talitha

    A major star in the Ursa Major constellation.

  • Yildiz

    Means ' Star' in Turkish.

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