My Favorite Serbian Names

A few names if you want your baby's name to have a Slavic/exotic ring to it. - Created by malloree

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  • Ana

    Variation of Anna

  • Andrea

  • Anica

    (ahn-ee-tza) Variation of Ana

  • Anastasija

    Slavic variation of Anastasia (j is pronounced like y)

  • Bojan

    See Bojana

  • Bojana

    (boy-ana) Means battle. Female Variation of Bojana

  • Danilo

    Variation of Daniel.

  • Darko

    Means "gift"

  • Dejana

    Female variation of Dejan

  • Dejan

    (day-ahn) The j might have this kid face tons of pronunciation problems.

  • Dimitrije

    Serbian verison of Dmitri. (dm-eet-riye)

  • Divna

    (deev-nah) means "lovely" or "divine"

  • Filip

    Slavic variation of Philip.

  • Filipa

    Female variation of Filip

  • Irena

    Variation of Irene. (I is pronounced like "ee")

  • Ivan

  • Ivana

    Female Variation of Ivan

  • Ivanka

    Variation of Ivana

  • Katarina

    Slavic variation of Katherine.

  • Kornelija

    Slavic variation of Cornelia

  • Luka

  • Mara

    Variation of Tamara

  • Milan

    Not only the city, but it means "gracious".

  • Milena

    Means gracious

  • Nikola

    Slavic variation of Nicholas.

  • Oliver

    Good choice if you don't want your kid to face pronunciation problems.

  • Olivera

    Female version of Oliver

  • Roksana

    Variation of Roxanna or Roxanne. Nm: Roxy, Sana.

  • Svetlana

    Russian, means light, but not that common in Serbia.

  • Srečko

    (sreh-ch-ko) Means lucky. Also might be "americanized" as Srechko.

  • Tamara

    Possible nicknames: Tammy, Tam, Mara

  • Todor

    Slavic version of Theodore. Todd is a possible nickname

  • Viktor

    Not too exotic, but it's hard to mispronounce this one.

  • Violeta

    Slavic variation of Violet. Not too common, which makes it a bit more desirable if you're one of those people. :)

  • Zora

    Means "dawn".

  • Zorana

    Variation of Zora

  • Zvezdana

    Means "of stars". Might be hard for the English tongue.