Variation of Ivana
"God is gracious"

Ivanka Origin and Meaning

The name Ivanka is a girl's name meaning "God is gracious".

High-profile First Daughter Trump bears a nickname for her mother's name, Ivana. But though quite common in Slavic countries, and despite its international appeal, Ivanka is likely to remain a Singe-Celebrity name in the US — the Oprah of the political world — for the foreseeable future. Ivanka's larger impact on names may be inspiring parents to name their daughters after their moms.

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Ivanka Popularity

Famous People Named Ivanka

  • Ivanka Marie Trumpdaughter of President Donald Trump
  • Ivanka Marinova KhristovaBulgarian Olympic shot putter
  • Ivanka NinovaBulgarian mezzo,soprano

Ivanka in Pop Culture

  • Ivankayoung daughter of The Girl in musical "Once"