Baby Boy #2

Name for baby boy #2 (Brother to Anna, Charlotte and William) - Created by jsd079

  • Andrew

    I love the name Andrew. I dislike both Andy and Drew.

  • Harrison

    The girls love this name. They want to call him Harry. But he has a big brother named William and there's already a William & Harry brother duo.

  • Henry

    I love Henry and the nickname Hank. We would probably call him Hank.

  • James

    I don't feel like James is "strong" enough sounding. Is it the S at the end? I still really like the name.

  • Louis

    I really like the nickname Lou, but not certain I could ever name my son Lou. I still really like it.

  • Matthew

    Just a good, strong name. He already has an uncle with the same first and last name though.

  • Nathaniel

    I like the name Neil. I don't think Neil is as cute for a little boy, but a great name for an adult.

  • Peter

    I love the name Peter! Unfortunately he already has a cousin named Peter with the same last name.

  • Samuel

    Sam is one of my favorites! He has a cousin named Sam, but a different last name. Maybe.

  • Theodore

    I love the name Teddy while he is young. Not certain how I feel about Ted as an adult.

  • Thomas

    Thomas or Tommy while young. Tom as an adult.

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