Unique Girl Names Starting With W

Girls' names that start with the letter W are going through a style revival right now, but W remains a distinctive way to start your baby girl's name. Willow is the top W name for girls in the US and the only one in the Top 100.

Unique W girl names outside the Top 1000 are led by sweet old-fashioned nickname Winnie, which is already among the Top 400 girl names in the UK.

Along with Winnie, other cute and lively unique W names for girls include quirky word names like Whimsy and Wilder, as well as rare vintage gems like Wilhelmina and Wallis.

W is also a hot initial for gender-neutral baby names right now: along with Winter and Wren, which rank in the US Top 1000, other uncommon unisex W names we love for a baby girl include Willoughby, Winslow, Winslet and West.

Browse all of our cool and unique W names for girls in our full list, below.

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