Unique Girls Names Starting with M

Unique girls’ names that start with M are a magnificent bunch!

Along with rare but traditional M girl names like Marianne and Magdalene, our list of unique M names inludes some international beauties, such French Marguerite, Spanish Maristela, and sweet Japanese name Midori.

Uncommon M names for girls that are popular elsewhere in the word include Matilde (Top 20 in Italy and Portugal), Mirren (Top 100 in Scotland), and the adorable Milou (Top 20 in the Netherlands).

Along with Marguerite and Milou, unique M names we recommend inlude vibrant vintage flower name Marigold, beautiful Mirabel, and the lovely Turkish name Miray, meaning “shining like the moon”.

If you’re looking for a truly unique M name for your baby girl, this is a great place to start. Browse hundreds of rare M-starting choices, all outside the US Top 1000, here.

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