Girl Names Starting With Y

Girls' names that start with the letter Y include a few familiar choices, such as Yvette and Yvonne, Yasmin and Yasmina, Yael and Yolanda. However, Y remains a very rare first initial for girl names today, with only Yara, Yaretzi and Yareli currently ranking in the US Top 1000.

Along with Yara and Yael, other uncommon and unique Y-starting girl names we recommend include the mythical Yseult, the literary Yvaine, and the smart surname name Yardley.

Girls' names beginning with Y also include several international forms of names that are more commonly spelled with an I or J in English, such as the Spanish variants Ynez and Ysabel, or the popular Russian name Yuliya, which ranks in the Top 50 girl names in Russia.

Browse our comprehensive list of girl names beginning with Y. The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity. Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.

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Top Girl Names Starting with Y

  • Yaretzi

    This unusual name from the Nahuati or Aztec language sprang onto the US popularity list in 2006 made a brief appearance in the Top 300 before sliding down a bit. But even its current ranking, at... Read More 

  • Yareli

    Possibly a derivative variation of Yara, a popular name in Spanish-speaking countries meaning butterfly, Yareli was given to more than 400 baby girls in the US last year.Read More 

  • Yara

    The exotic Yara is also the name of a beautiful green-skinned Brazilian goddess and might make a more unusual spin on Mara or Sara.

    Yara Greyjoy is the name of a strong female character in... Read More 

  • Yaritza

    Variation of the name Yara—an Arabic name well-used in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries meaning "butterfly"—with the suffix from names like Maritza.Read More 

  • Yasmin

    This name, whose sweet and fragrant floral essence has always been widespread across the Near Eastern world, has now landed on US popularity lists in a variety of spellings. It's been dropping... Read More