Girl Names Starting with Y

Girls’ names that start with the letter Y include a few familiar choices, such as Yvette and Yvonne, Yasmin and Yasmina, Yael and Yolanda.

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However, Y remains a very rare first initial for girl names today, with only Yara, Yaretzi and Yareli currently ranking in the US Top 1000.

Along with Yara and Yael, other uncommon and unique Y-starting girl names we recommend include the mythical Yseult, the literary Yvaine, and the smart surname name Yardley.

Girls’ names beginning with Y also include several international forms of names that are more commonly spelled with an I or J in English, such as the Spanish variants Ynez and Ysabel, or the popular Russian name Yuliya, which ranks in the Top 50 girl names in Russia.

If you’re looking for a name that starts with the eye-catching Y intial for your daughter, you can browse our full selection here. Aternatively, use the alphabet to jump to girl names that start with another letter.

Y Names for Girls