Girl Names Starting with U

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Girl names that begin with U are an elite group, so the uncommon U initial is a perfect place to start for parents looking for an unusual, or even unique, baby girl name.

U is one of the least-used initials for baby names, with no U-starting girls’ names currently ranking in the US Top 1000.

A few intriguing U names for girls do rank elsewhere, however: Una ranks in the Top 100 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Iceland, while Ula features in the Top 50 girl names in Slovenia.

Along with short, sweet U-starting options like Una, Ula and Uma, there are also many great U girl names to suit those looking for a longer name, such as the ancient Ursula, the Swedish royal name Ulrika, and the unusual literary names Undine and Undomiel.

Names with U or the u sound at the beginning or in the middle make up one of the biggest trends in baby names 2019, so if you’re looking for a cool yet uncommon name for a daughter, why not start with our complete collection of U-starting names for girls, below?

U Names for Girls