Girl Names Starting with N

Girl names beginning with N have never been wildly popular, making the N initial a great place to start your search for an underused gem.

Five N names for girls currently rank in the US Top 100: Nora, Natalie, Nova, Naomi and Nevaeh.

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Along with these and variations like Natalia and Norah in the Top 200, there are also many gorgeous uncommon N girl names which feature lower in the Top 1000 but are still widely familiar, like Noelle, Nina and Nola.

Arabic names like Noor and Nyla and Russian names like Natasha and Nadia have also charted in the US in recent years, and some rare N names for girls actually rank highly in other countries, such as Noa (Top 10 in Israel), Niamh (Top 50 in Ireland), and Nia (Top 100 in Wales).

Unique N-starting names for girls we recommend include sweet retro nicknames Nell and Nancy, both currently stylish in the UK, and exotic international options like Nadine, Noemi, Nahla and Nalani.

N Names for Girls