Girl Names Starting with F

F names for girls are among the rarest in the alphabet: F is right down with Y and Q as one of the least-used initials for girls’ names.

Faith is the top-ranked F name for girls in the US, but it doesn’t make the Top 100. Along with Faith, girl names starting with F in the US Top 500 include Finley, Fiona, Freya, Fatima, Felicity, Frances, Francesca, and Fernanda.

International popularity lists feature several intriguing F names for girls.

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Fia is the most popular girl name starting with F in Ireland, while Faustine is the top-ranked F name for girls in France. Frieda is the Number 1 F name for baby girls in Germany, while in the Netherlands, Fenna is the top F name for baby girls.

Frances, which has been enjoying a style rehab in recent years, is one of the most fashionable girls’ names starting with F, as are her sisters Francesca and Frankie. Florence and Flora are two lovely flowery choices.

Further down the list, we see unique F names like Faye and Fifer rising again.

F Names for Girls