Boy Names Starting With V

Boy names starting with V have shown remarkable consistency for the past century, with timeless traditionals Victor and Vincent never out of the Top 200 — but never in the Top 50 either.

Along with Victor and Vincent, other cool V boy names in the US Top 1000 include Valentino, Vihaan, Vincenzo and Van. In the UK, exotic V-starting options like Vivaan, Vladimir and Viktor join retro nickname names Vinnie and Vinny in the Top 1000.

The vivacious V sound is red-hot in baby names right now: think Avery and Ava, Everett and Everly, Oliver and Olivia. V boy names have a special verve and vibrancy which sets them apart from the pack: unusual choices we love include Viggo, Valor, Virgil, and Vito.

Browse our entire list of boy names beginning with V here. The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity. Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.

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Top Boy Names Starting with V

  • Vincent

    Vincent is a name with a complex image. After being quietly used for centuries, it is suddenly seeming stylish, along wih other V names. Even the nickname Vince has been given a reprieve via actor... Read More 

  • Victor

    Victor is one of the earliest Christian names, borne (as Vittorio) by several saints and popes, symbolizing Christ's victory over death. It has been quietly in the Top 200 since 1880, but just... Read More 

  • Vihaan

    Vihaan comes from a Sanskrit word denoting the dawn, but has the symbolic meaning of the beginning of a new age, making Vihaan a wonderful choice for the first baby in a family's next generation. Read More 

  • Valentino

    A dashing, dramatic and romantic Italian surname, associated with early movie heartthrob Rudolph, and later with Italian fashion designer Valentino (Garavani). Also the name of an early Roman... Read More 

  • Vicente

    Popular saint's name in Hispanic cultures, familiar enough to use here. Read More 

  • Vincenzo

    This is a classic Italian name for boys, but despite the success of Luca and Matteo, has yet to catch on in the US.Read More 

  • Valentin

    Romantic name used throughout Europe, though sure to lead to pronunciation problems here. Though it's never been too widely used in the US, it's quite popular in Switzerland, France, Austria, and... Read More 

  • Van

    Whether it's used as a short form or on its own, this jazzy midcentury name is poised for a comeback along with brothers Ray and Walt.

    More often heard as a surname prefix (e.g. Vincent... Read More 

  • Vivaan

    Vivaan is a life-related name from India that has made its way onto the US Top 1000 for the first time in 2014. While unusual, it has a familiar and appealing lively sound and feel. However, be... Read More 

  • Vance

    A short but sophisticated, long-neglected name you might want to consider.

    The name is currently getting a boost from two musicians: the Northern Irish Foy Vance and the Australian Vance... Read More