Top Baby Names Starting with C

Baby names starting with C are some of the most classic around, being led by Charlotte, the name of the Princess of Cambridge. Other top names with the initial C, such as Christopher, Charles, and Caroline, also bear the Royal family’s stamp of approval.

Carter, the most popular boy name starting with C, is one of the trendiest occupational names, and is particularly hot in Midwestern states.

Along with Charlotte, other girl names beginning with C in the US Top 150 include Camila, Chloe, Claire, Cora, and Clara. As well as Carter, boy names starting with C in the US Top 150 include Caleb, Connor, Colton, Carson, and Cooper.

Many rare and interesting names with the initial C can be found across the globe, such as the Irish Caoimhe and Cillian, Dutch Cato and Cas, and Spanish Cayetana and Candela. Surnames beginning with C can also be used as unique baby names, including Caldwell, Calloway, and Chavez.

Browse our expansive menu of baby names starting with C. The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 baby names and are ordered by popularity. Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.

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  • Charlotte

    Charlotte is the feminine form of the male given name Charles. It derived from Charlot, a French diminutive of Charles meaning “little Charles,” and the name of Charlemagne’s son in French... Read More 

  • Camila

    The Spanish Camila, pronounced ka-MEE-la, is the fastest rising version of this ancient Roman name, but recent royal Camilla may have helped promote the British brand. In Roman myth, Camilla was a... Read More 

  • Chloe

    Chloe appeared in Greek mythology as an alternative name for the goddess of agriculture and fertility, Demeter. She was referred to as Chloe in the spring months, due to the name’s relation to... Read More 

  • Carter

    Carter has been popular for almost two decades, but it only cracked the Top 30 in 2014, leaving the other upscale occupational surname names behind. Having hot characters named Carter on both... Read More 

  • Christopher

    Christopher derived from the Greek Christophoros, which is composed of the elements Christos, referring to Christ, and phero, meaning “to bear.” The name was originally used... Read More 

  • Charles

    Charles derives from the Germanic name Karl, meaning "man" or "freeman", and is a royal name in multiple European countries. A famous early bearer is Charlemagne, King of the Franks and Lombards... Read More 

  • Caleb

    Caleb has two potential derivations, the first being from the Hebrew kelev, meaning “dog,” and the second from the Hebrew components kal and lev, together meaning “whole... Read More 

  • Claire

    Claire is the French form of Clara, a feminine derivation of the Latin masculine name Clarus. The French word for “clear,” Claire’s meaning, is clair, and was traditionally a male name.... Read More 

  • Christian

    Christian has fallen a bit from its 90's and 00's heights, but it's still quite popular. Once considered overly pious, Christian is now seen as making a bold statement of faith by some, while also... Read More 

  • Colton

    Colton is a trendy two-syllable choice, with the popular 'on/en' ending.

    Colton jumped onto the popularity list in 1982 at Number 806. Then, in 1988, the hunky character Colton Shore... Read More