Names That Mean Sweet

Baby names that mean sweet can be connected to sugary treats like candy or sundaes, or related to sweetness found in nature, like honey, maple, and nectar. Sweet baby names include familiar word names such as Baker and Sugar, as well as names with less obvious links to sweetness, like Jarah and Eulalie. Here are examples of names for a sweet baby.

  • Angelica


    Angelica is by far the choicest form of the angelic names -- more delicate than Angelina, more feminine than Angel, more modern than Angela. But though Angelica is so lacy and poetic, it lags... Read More 

  • Anika


    Anike is an attractive name with ties to several cultures, both African and Scandinavian. The African pronunciation emphasizes the second syllable while the Nordic one emphasizes the first. While... Read More 

  • Anoush


    A dramatically exotic name with a lot of sweep and swoosh. Also spelled Anush. Read More 

  • Baker


    One of the most appealing of the newly hip occupational names, evoking sweet smells emanating from the oven. Much fresher sounding than than others that have been around for awhile, like Cooper,... Read More 

  • Candy


    Too sugary sweet and inconsequential for a modern girl. Read More 

  • Chan


    Whether it's an Asian surname-name or short for Channing, has a sound and feel that's both simple and stand-out.Read More 

  • Darva


    The first bride on "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire." -- not the classiest of names. Read More 

  • Douce


    A sweet French word name possibility, but with unsavory teasing potential. Read More 

  • Drury


    Rhythmic and energetic, Drury is of French origin, with the wonderful meaning of “dear one, sweetheart.”Read More 

  • Dulcie


    A sweet-meaning and sounding name dating back to the Roman Empire, and later found in the antebellum South, Dulcie has in the modern era been heard most often in Australia.

    In Agatha... Read More 

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