Names That Mean Freedom or Free

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Baby names meaning freedom or free might inspire your child to reach for the stars, liberating him or her to be whatever she chooses.

The top names meaning free are Charles and Francis and their many variations, including Charlotte, Charlie, Francesca and Frankie.

Free or freedom or liberation or adventure is a positive name meaning, underscoring your belief in your child's free will and unlimited destiny. There are names that mean free for girls and boys, as well as names with freedom meanings that are gender neutral. If you're interested in a name that means freedom, you can find one in any style and with many origins.

Browse our collection of names that mean free or freedom.

  • Abrial

    The name Abrial is a girl's name of French origin meaning "open, secure, protected". This unique baby name is stronger, more... Read More 

  • Aditi

    The name Aditi is a girl's name meaning "boundless". Aditi is the name of the ancient Hindu mother goddess. Sometimes call the Cosmic Creator, Aditi is the goddess of fertility, the earth, the... Read More 

  • Amadi

    The name Amadi is a unisex name of African origin meaning "free man". This name from the Igbo language of Africa, which feels like the more-familiar Arabic Ahmad, might be an original and... Read More 

  • April

    The name April is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "to open". Once the most popular month names, April has been overtaken by June (for girls) and August (for boys), as well as the charmingly... Read More 

  • Armani

    The name Armani is a unisex name of Italian, Persian origin meaning "freeman". Although this is catching on along with other brand names, we think it's better to use a personal family name than to... Read More 

  • Azad

    The name Azad is a boy's name meaning "free, noble". An undiscovered Persian gem that's zippy, short and sweet. It is used in Iran and neighboring countries as a first name and a family name. The... Read More 

  • Blythe

    The name Blythe is a girl's name of English origin meaning "happy, carefree". Blythe originated as a nickname for an upbeat person, coming from the Old English word bliðe, meaning “merry” or... Read More 

  • Carl

    The name Carl is a boy's name of German origin meaning "free man". This no-nonsense German variation of Charles is strong and still well used, but lacks much sensitivity or subtlety; the Latin... Read More 

  • Carla

    The name Carla is a girl's name . While Charlotte and Caroline are considered stylish and classic members of the Charles family, this somewhat severe Germanic form is fading. It reached its apex... Read More 

  • Carleton

    The name Carleton is a boy's name of English origin meaning "settlement of free men". Carleton has a great meaning behind it, and should really have more popularity than it has found to date. You... Read More 

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