Boy Names That Mean Life

Boy names that mean life are an elite group, but one that includes several excellent choices. None of the boy names that mean life are particularly popular or even well-known, but you may consider the meaning more important than style or popularity. Also included here are many names that refer to the place or the setting where the person lives. Life is a wonderful meaning for a name, one that may inspire and uplift a child of any gender.

  • Banks


    Banks is a topographical surname that refers not to those places where people keep their money but to riverbanks or hillsides, and specifically the people who live on them. Just as Fields is a... Read More 

  • Barnes


    This is a solid surname choice for people looking for a change from Cooper, Parker and Carson. Australian parents will probably instantly associate this name with famous rock legend Jimmy Barnes,... Read More 

  • Beathan


    A popular name in medieval Scotland, it can be found in the surname Macbeth, meaning "son of Beathan" or "son of life." In later years it was increasingly anglicized as Benjamin.Read More 

  • Bergen


    Norwegian city name heard much more often as a last name than a first. Read More 

  • Bo


    A popular name in Denmark, in this country Bo has some cowboy swagger and a lot of substance in its minimal two letters.Read More 

  • Bourne


    A surname with more force than most. Read More 

  • Boyce


    CEO name. Read More 

  • Bridger


    A recent addition to the Most Popular list, Bridger has the trendy two-syllables and 'er' ending, and a historical reference to Jim Bridger, a foremost nineteenth-century frontiersman, explorer,... Read More 

  • Brio


    Musical term with a lot of energy.Read More 

  • Brooks


    Surname name, nature name, and word name, with a more masculine slant than Brook or Brooklyn. Brooks Robinson was one of the greatest third basemen ever, playing for the Baltimore Orioles from... Read More 

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