Christian Baby Names

The Christian baby names on this list are names that have significance in Christian religions, rather than Christian names as a synonym for first names.

Many Christian baby names come from the Bible, particularly the New Testament stories related to Jesus Christ. Other names with meaning in Christian religions relate to saints or figures central to Christianity such as Martin Luther and Mary Magdalene.

Along with Mary and Martin, other Christian baby names in the US Top XX include Cruz, Grace, Luke, Messiah, Zion, Natalie, Genesis, and Gabriel. Celebrities have helped popularize Christian baby names including Canaan, Psalm, Deacon, and Shiloh.

This new kind of Christian baby name is drawn from place names or word names connected with the Christian religion. These newly minted names, such a Jericho and Nazareth, are often used for babies of both genders.

Christian baby names may be used to honor your religion and encourage faith in your child. Baby names that might be considered Christian in the religious sense follow.

Christian Names for Babies
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