Names That Mean Victory

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  • Keilani

    The name Keilani is a girl's name meaning "heaven, sky, glorious chief". Keilani is among the fastest rising girls' names in some US states, a... Read More 

  • Kinsey

    The name Kinsey is a girl's name of English origin meaning "king's victory". Kinsey enjoyed popularity blip thanks to similarity to Lindsay, and because of Sue Grafton's alphabet mysteries... Read More 

  • Ladislava

    The name Ladislava is a girl's name meaning "glorious rule". Read More 

  • Laszlo

    The name Laszlo is a boy's name of Hungarian origin meaning "glorious ruler". The Hungarian classic Laszlo, with its zippy 'z' middle and energetic 'o' ending, has become something of a hipster... Read More 

  • Latoya

    The name Latoya is a girl's name . Thanks to Ms. Jackson, Latoya is one of the best-known La names, but while this genre used to dominate African-American popularity lists, it's been crowded out... Read More 

  • Milos

    The name Milos is a boy's name meaning "lover of glory". Commonly heard in Greece as well as the Slavic cultures, Milos has been associated in this country with Czech film director Milos Forman.... Read More 

  • Nasser

    The name Nasser is a boy's name of Arabic origin meaning "the winner". Commonly used Muslim name, also sometimes chosen to honor Egyptian president Gamal Abdel-Nasser. Read More 

  • Nicandro

    The name Nicandro is a boy's name of Spanish origin meaning "man of victory". Nicandro might be of interest as a blend of two Anglo favorites -- Nicholas and Andrew. Read More 

  • Nicanor

    The name Nicanor is a boy's name meaning "victory". Derived from Greek name Nike “victory”, this name has been borne by many notable figures, from ancient times to the present day. It belonged to... Read More 

  • Nicasia

    The name Nicasia is a girl's name meaning "victorious". An interesting and unusual member of the "Nic" family--far more distinctive than NICOLE or NICOLA.Read More 

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