Sweet Southern Baby Names

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Southern baby names are drawn from the people, places, and natural features of the American South.

Some Southern baby names are popular not just in the South but throughout US. Along with top Southern name Abigail, other Southern baby names in the US Top 300 include Austin, Brooks, Daisy, Eliza, Emmett, Faith, Georgia,.Grace, Peyton, Presley, Savannah, and Wyatt.

Unique Southern names on our recommended list range from the biblical Abner to the literary Faulkner, from sultry Talullah to buttoned-up Thaddeus.

Southern names honor Southern-born heroes like Flannery O'Connor and Martin Luther King. Fictional Southern heroes, such as Scarlett and Scout, can inspire Southern baby names too.

Elements of nature found in the South that make good baby names include Magnolia and Bayou. Place names like Georgia and Savannah also make good Southern baby names.

And then there are those names that simply feel Southern in some way that's harder to define. We'd count Clayton, Dolly, Josiah, Maribelle, and many others in this evocative group.

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