One Syllable Middle Names for Boys

While we are happy to see baby namers move beyond boring middle names that were mere connective tissue, there are still times — like when first and last names are elaborate — when you want a short, strong middle name. That explains the pervasive popularity of such classic middle names as James, Lee, Scott, Ray, and John.

Along with James and John, other single-syllable boy names in the US Top 300 for first names include Kai, Beau, Jude, Dean, Ace, Paul, Nash, and Lane. Today it’s fashionable to put quirky, unexpected names in the middle position, such as Bear, Knight, Sid, and Zeus.

Here, some cool one-syllable middle names for boys. Or expand your horizons with our master list of more than 900 middle names of every type.

Single Syllable Middle Names for Boys
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