Best International Variations of Alexandra

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You may choose to use one of the international variations of Alexandra rather than the original. Although on the decline, Alexandra has been a popular name for many years — it recently slipped out of the Top 100 in 2015 after twenty years. Alexa, a diminutive, is more popular than the original, despite the connection to the smart device.

Along with Alexa, other international variations of Alexandra in the US Top 1000 include Alexis, Alexandria, Alessandra, Alejandra, Lexi, Alexia, Lexie, and Alessia. Unique options that are fashionable elsewhere in the world include Alessa, Alya, Sasha, and Sandrine.

Many international forms of Alexandra have appealing associations, including Alexandrina, the first name of Queen Victoria, and Sasha, as both Beyoncé’s alter ego Sasha Fierce and the nickname of former First Daughter Sasha Obama (born Natasha).

If you are looking for a striking alternative or creative nickname for Alexandra, browse our list of the best international variations of Alexandra, below.

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