Best International Variations of Elizabeth

By Pamela Redmond

Regal Elizabeth is one of the most classic baby names you can choose for your little girl. Famous bearers of the strong and traditional female name Elizabeth include two British monarchs (including the current Queen, Elizabeth II), Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, philanthropist and wife of Alexander Hamilton, poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, pioneering physician Elizabeth Blackwell, and iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Along with the better-known international forms of Elizabeth, like Elizaveta (currently in the Russian Top 10) and Elisabetta (currently in the Italian Top 100), there are many other highly unusual variants of Elizabeth still waiting to be discovered, like the Scottish Ailsa, the Icelandic Ellisif, or the Hungarian Erzsebet.

If you're looking for unique options to honor an Elizabeth in your family tree, or want a unique baby girl name which is still rooted in tradition, then this list of the best of Elizabeth's international variants is for you!

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