Day Names

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The ancient tradition of day-naming — choosing a name from the day of the week, the month, the season or holiday, or even a time of day — feels fresh again now. Names inspired by your child’s birthday can be obvious or subtle. Day names include word names like Tuesday and Winter, as well as names that connote time in their meanings, like Layla and Kwame.

Along with Layla and Winter, other day names in the US Top 1000 include Asa, August, June, Natalie, Noel, Samir, Summer, and Zora. Rare day names that deserve to be on more parents’ lists include Ameyo, Dagny, Holiday, and Vesper.

Many day names are African in origin. Historically, the many African cultures and tribes had distinct day names for girls and boys. Akosua, for example, is the Twi name for a girl born on Sunday.

Here, examples of day names that could work as modern baby names.

Day Names

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