Irish Surname Names

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Many of the best Irish baby names did not start life as first names at all but are Irish surname names. An astonishing number of these Irish surname names used as firsts make the US Top 1000, especially for girls.

Riley is the top Irish name of any kind of baby girls in the US today, with Ryan the top Irish surname-name for boys. Along with Riley and Ryan, the other top Irish surname names used as first names in the US are Connor and Nolan for boys, Kennedy and Quinn for girls.

One fresh factor in Irish surname names for babies: Names that start with Mac or O' are now fair game as first names. So if you want to name your baby O'Brien or McNamara, go right ahead. For more information, check out this list of list of the top Irish surnames today.

Here's a whole group of rollicking names that work for both girls and boys....or you can use one from your own family background.

To explore Irish name options beyond surname-names, click here for our full list of Irish baby names.

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