Wise Choice!

names that mean wisdom

Names that convey wisdom may not, by themselves, be enough to make your child wise, but they can’t hurt.

Of all the qualities a name can suggest, to others as well as to the person who bears it, wisdom has to be one of the most desirable.

The names here either mean wise or intelligent or are associated with a figure renowned for his or her wisdom.  They may set a high bar for your child, but it’s one worth the leap.

The selection:

Alden – This English surname, quietly but historically used as a first, means “old wise friend”.

Alfred – The charts may show Alfred still in a century-long decline, but we say this name that means “wise counselor” is due for rediscovery.

Boman – This unusual-but-accessible Persian name has a stylish sound and means “great mind”.

CatoRoman statesman Cato the Elder was renowned for his wisdom; the name means “all-knowing”.

Ethan – Popular Ethan, the Number One name in many states, was an Old Testament figure praised for his wisdom.

Hugh or HugoBoth the English Hugh and his more dashing Latinate brother Hugo mean mind or intellect.

Kaya – This Hopi name means “elder sister” and suggests wisdom.

Minerva – This name of the Roman goddess of wisdom and invention means “intellect”.

Nestor – The legendary wise ruler whose advice helped the Greeks win the Trojan war.

Pallas – Name of the Greek goddess of wisdom and the arts.

RafikiRafiki was the wise elder in Lion King.

Raymond – This German name that means “wise protector” is a rising Geek Chic name.

Sage – This word name can suggest a wise person…or an herb.

Shanahan – This original Irish surname can work for either gender and means “the wise one”.

Solomon – Though the name means peace, Solomon was a biblical king renowned for his wisdom.

Sophia – The meaning “wisdom” is one reason behind Sophia’s super-popularity.

Wisdom – For those who don’t want to merely suggest wisdom, but come right out and say it.


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