What Are Your Pets’ Names?

George Washington had a dog named Sweetlips.  Paula Abdul‘s dog is named Puggy Sue.  And Ozzy Osbourne‘s dog is named…..Ozzy.

In my new book Rabid: Are You Crazy About Your Dog or Just Crazy?, a loving look at our sometimes over-the-top dog culture, I include a long list of such strange and surprising celebrity dog names.

And now we want to know about your dogs’ names — and cat, hamster, fish, iguana, and parakeet names.  We want to hear about the names you’ve chosen for your pets over the years, from childhood animals to pets you own now.

Do you give your pets people names?  Names, maybe, that you love but are not brave enough to use on actual children?  Or maybe baby names that, for whatever reason, you’re afraid you’ll never get to use?

Or do you give your pets, you know, pet names?  Fido, Rover, Fluffy, Spot?

Tell us the names of your dogs and cats, hamsters and yes, even goldfish.  And let us know where you found the names and what they signify.

For more on the dogs-babies connection, check out my slideshow on Huffington Post: Are Dogs the New Kids?

And if you’ve got a dog lover on your holiday gift list — or are crazy about dogs yourself — please order a copy of Rabid, in stores right now!

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