What Are Your Grandparents’ Names?

Do you want to share that with the class, Sarah?

Sarahmezz’s thread in the forums, which asks What are your grandparents’ names?, sounded like an intriguing one to put to the Nameberry community.

Indeed, the question has been asked before, but never as our official Question of the Week.

So please let us know your grandparents’ names, your great-grandparents’ names, and which you’d pass on to the next generation.

I’ll start! My maternal grandmother was Bridget Agnes, grandfather William, paternal grandmother Mary Eugenia and grandfather Joseph Owen.

My sons are named Joseph and Owen, so both those names made it to the next generation.

Growing up I thought the names Agnes and Eugenia were horrible, Mary was boring, and the name my grandmother called herself, Bea, hopelessly old-fashioned!

Today I would definitely use Bridget, Agnes, Eugenia, and/or Bea. Maybe MY grandchildren will get those names!

Your turn:

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